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Our Mission

The Newlin Foundation’s mission is to aid students within the Coatesville Area School District who have the desire to acquire a college education but face systemic barriers to find the right college program, navigate the application process and access financial aid.

The Newlin Foundation was created in 2010 by a Coatesville-area couple to provide support and scholarship opportunities to high school students who live within the Coatesville Area School District and plan to attend college.

The goal of the Newlin Foundation is not only to help students get accepted into college, but to graduate from college. In addition to providing students with five years of comprehensive mentorship and guidance, scholarships may be awarded to narrow the gap between the financial aid the student secures and their tuition and housing costs. Scholars are guided through the process of identifying and securing all available financial resources. Based on individual need and once all other resources are exhausted, Newlin funds may be awarded.

Each year, an average of five high school students are admitted into the Newlin Program. Once accepted into the program, Newlin Scholars and their parents or guardians participate in workshops informational sessions, and special forums facilitated by professional staff throughout their senior year of high school and continuing throughout their years in college. All aspects of preparing for college admission including securing financial aid, managing educational costs, and adjusting to college life are covered. Scholars receive ongoing guidance to help with their transition from high school to college and to monitor their academic progress, with the ultimate goal of graduating with a four-year degree, two-year associate degree, or trade-school certification. Some students may prefer a community college experience as a practical transition from high school to college, and as a first step toward a four-year college degree.

Graduate hugging a friend

Scholars Say...

“The Newlin Foundation helped me with the process of transitioning into college from high school, as well as helping me decide what school was most suitable for me. Not only did it help me through my transition, but it helped me develop more as a person in general. What definitely sets Newlin apart is that they don’t just give you money, they mentor you, provide you with support, encouragement and guidance. All serve as assets, especially in such an overwhelming chapter in your life.”

– Sarah Ramirez, Newlin Scholar


Organization founded by Coatesville-area couple


First class of Newlin Scholars


$500,000 in scholarships awarded since inception


$1,000,000 in scholarships awarded since inception


59 scholars assisted with $1.8 million+ in scholarships awarded since inception

Board of Trustees & Professional Staff

Our perspective is shaped by our uniquely diverse, qualified, and homegrown board of trustees with many years of teaching, coaching, school administration, business management and government experience. Newlin Foundation board members interact with our scholars and serve as role models. Their connection to the community is paramount. They know the formidable challenges our scholars face. Their many successes (and disappointments) while helping students get into college over the years, have sharpened their understanding of what works. Also, our staff has worked in the university/college arena with direct experience working with the Newlin Foundation’s targeted population. The Newlin Foundation’s trustees, in consultation with the founding donors, continually review program outcomes and seek ways to improve the Newlin Foundation Program.

Regina Lewis

Regina Lewis

Trustee and Chair of the Newlin Foundation Trustees

Regina Lewis provides a unique blend of business experience coupled with non-profit volunteer and management expertise. She has worked in…

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Carl J. Smith


Carl Smith is a lifelong Coatesville area resident with an outstanding record of achievement as an educator, track and field…

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State Representative Harry Lewis, Jr.


Harry (Bud) Lewis has an outstanding record supporting, guiding and coaching Coatesville area youth. He earned an undergraduate degree from…

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Charles Shaw


Charles Shaw’s involvement in the Newlin Foundation is consistent with his lifelong concern for underprivileged students. Now retired, Charles was…

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Lt. Rodger Ollis

Lt. Rodger H. Ollis, Jr.


The Newlin Foundation Trustees welcomed Lt. Rodger H. Ollis, Jr. to the board in June 2023.  Lt. Ollis has been…

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Keith Walls, Trustee

Keith Walls, Jr.


The Newlin Foundation Trustees welcomed Newlin Scholar Keith Walls to the board in June 2023. Keith is a 2013 Coatesville…

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Nakia Mack, Ed.D.


Promoting learner agency and resilience to enable students to overcome structural and self-perceived barriers to success, Dr. Nakia Mack has…

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Morgan Dzedzy

College Aid Administrator

Morgan Dzedzy has been with the Newlin Foundation from the beginning and hopes to never leave. She loves nothing more…

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Sarah Smith

Program Associate

Sarah Smith began her work as a program associate with the Newlin Foundation in 2016 and works closely with each…

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Beth Harper Briglia

Philanthropic Advisor

Beth is the philanthropic advisor for the Newlin Foundation. Formerly executive vice president of donor services and grant making for…

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Kim Kiszely

Program Staff Member

Kim Kiszely ( Ms. Kiz) joined the Newlin Foundation in April of 2022 as the Scholar Support Associate. She holds…

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