Academic Support Coaching

College Prep Workshops

During senior year, students participate in college prep workshops held once a week for three hours. Workshops are focused on standardized test preparation, searching for “best fit'” colleges and completing the college application, writing college essays, applying for scholarships, and completing the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA). Further topics include: building social capital on a college campus, addressing behaviors that foster student success, exploring careers and majors, financial literacy, and discussing the key components to achieve academically in college. Parents are also invited to attend workshops throughout the year that focus on the financial aid process and assisting their son or daughter with making the transition from high school to college.


College Commitment

Students are required to have a phone call with Morgan at regular scheduled times.  The purpose of these phone calls is talk about the highs and lows that the student is experiencing.  The highs may include clubs or groups the student is getting involved in, classes they are exceling in, friends and roommates they are meeting and/or activities they are getting involved with.  Some lows may be the interest to find a club or group but unsure how and Morgan can help the student navigate the campus to find what they are interested in.  If the student is struggling in a class or multiple, Morgan can help the student try a different approach at studying or time management.  If there is a financial issue with a student’s bill, Morgan can help the student and family navigate the where and how to solve the problem.  Morgan acts as another resource for the student and family while the scholar is away at school.