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Newlin Scholars are often first-generation college bound, and families are sometimes overwhelmed by this daunting goal. The Newlin Foundation is committed to a partnership for success with scholars and their families.


Please Note: Your completed application with required attachments is due by January 31st of your junior year in high school.

Your online application requires pre-planning that includes a recommendation from a classroom teacher, transcript from your guidance counselor and 250-word essay.

Para acceder a la aplicación en español, utilice este enlace. Aplicación en español


Scholars must:

  • Be a current Junior living within the Coatesville Area School District
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 80% (ongoing requirement)
  • Agree to apply to schools of higher learning within the PA State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), community colleges and vocational and technical schools
  • Submit to the Newlin Foundation by January 31st a completed Newlin Application Form, along with the following: A recommendation from one classroom teacher, a 250-word essay explaining your long-term personal goals after high school graduation, and an up-to-date copy of your official transcript from your high school guidance counselor.
  • Meet with and complete an interview conducted by the Newlin Foundation Advisory committee, with a parent/caregiver present

Scholars Say...

“When I first started with Newlin, I was nervous and curious to see where it
would take me. Little did I know that it would bring me a family and people
who are willing to help me not only with school-related topics but personal
ones if needed as well. Newlin made me realize that I could continue my college career and it took a lot of stress off my shoulders. Hard work pays off and I’m beyond excited to pursue my career and have Newlin by my side.”

– Ariadna Romero, Newlin Scholar


The goal of the Newlin Foundation is not only to help our scholars get accepted into college, but to graduate from college. We follow each student along their four-year journey, monitoring their progress through regular contact and acting as an advocate and resource to guide the student with reaching the goal of graduation.

Once scholars are in college, we expect them to take full responsibility for their commitment to the Newlin Foundation. Scholars are responsible for keeping in regular contact with the foundation through a Newlin College Aid Administrator, maintaining their minimum GPA and attending workshops during the winter and summer breaks. Scholars are also responsible for submitting paperwork that is related to grades, tuition and financial information on time and in the proper format through a Newlin College Aid Administrator. Scholars must respond to requests for additional documentation if necessary.

We understand that college is a major transition, and studies show that as many as one in three students will not return for their sophomore year. This is why communication and maintaining contact are so crucial and important in making it to graduation. We encourage students to reach out and ask for help before an issue becomes too big to fix. We hold our scholars accountable for their actions and commitment to the program. We also make exceptions for exceptional students.

Each new Newlin class will begin program in mid March.

  • Newlin scholars must maintain a 2.5 GPA or better throughout the 5-year program.
  • Each scholar will receive a phone call check-in schedule with specific appointments. These check-in phone calls will cover discussions of issues that potentially impact academic progress such as classroom progress, grades, finances, social issues, etc.
  • Scholars must submit mid-term grades and final grades at the noted due dates.
  • Scholars must submit their financial aid package and tuition bill statement at the noted due dates and in the proper format. It is best to submit these documents as soon as received from the college.
  • Scholars are responsible for seeking out scholarship opportunities throughout the 5-year program.
  • Scholars are required to attend one-on-one meetings at the end of each year to go over their individual progress and status.
  • Scholars are required to attend activities and workshops during their winter and summer breaks.
  • Parent/guardian must attend an introductory orientation, followed by a Financial Aid workshop in the winter and one college planning session in the spring.
  • All Newlin Scholars must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form.
  • Scholars are required to attend college prep workshops as assigned by the Program Director.
  • Attendance is mandatory to all sessions. Failure to attend can result in dismissal from the Newlin Scholar Program.

Scholars Say...

“I really wouldn’t be where I am today without the Newlin Foundation. My
plan was to go to college without any idea of what that really meant. They
not only prepared me for what was to come, they guided me through the
process and provided me with the correct resources to be successful.”

– Keith Walls, a graduate of Shippensburg University who was accepted as a Newlin Scholar in 2012, went on to earn his Masters and is now working at Albright College


Newlin Scholars must agree to apply to institutions within the PA State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), which include the following state-owned colleges and universities with branch campuses as well as state-related colleges and universities:

The Newlin Foundation supports students at the above institutions to maximize resources and serve as many students as possible. Community colleges and technical schools are options as well, and may be preferred by some students as a practical transition from high school to college. Scholars may apply to other colleges and universities, but it is unlikely that the Newlin Foundation will provide financial assistance for schools outside of the PA state network above, and an additional financial burden may be placed on the scholar and/or their family.


Many institutions of higher learning encourage study abroad and off-site programs. The Newlin Foundation recognizes the value of these diverse learning opportunities, but Newlin reserves the right to withhold Newlin Program services and financial assistance unless approval is granted prior to enrollment into a special program.

In order to secure approval to participate in an international study or off-site program, the Newlin Scholar must have completed at least one year of college studies, be in good standing and in compliance with all Newlin Program requirements. All requests for international study or off-site programs will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To make a request, an informational packet about the program must be provided to Newlin Staff, and a presentation made to the Newlin Board.

If approved, the Scholar is eligible for Newlin funds toward basic tuition and housing, as usual. Financial assistance will be based on the amount that would apply if the Scholar remained in the original college program and/or campus site. Newlin support services continue, as well. Off-campus programs may expose students to additional costs that will not be paid by the Newlin Foundation including application fees/deposits, travel, meals or other expenses generally woven into traditional college payment plans.

If the program is not approved, the Newlin Scholar can continue his/her current college program. If the program is not approved and the Newlin Scholar chooses to enroll regardless, this necessitates a voluntary withdrawal from the Newlin Program. All Newlin Scholars that no longer participate can make a request for re-enrollment at a later date. Requests of this nature will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Weekly mandatory workshops begin in August and continue through the Newlin Scholar’s senior year of high school. Evening sessions are generally between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., and Saturday workshops may be scheduled once or twice a month from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. For Newlin Scholars already attending college, activities and work sessions are scheduled during spring and winter/holiday breaks when Scholars are usually home from college.

Workshops are usually held at our offices at 190 West Lincoln Highway, Suite 210, Coatesville, PA 19320. Special events including college fairs are held at other sites. Transportation is the sole responsibility of the Newlin Scholar.

Informational sessions are held on topics that are relevant to Newlin Scholars preparing to go to college, including selecting a college or university, applying for school and securing financial assistance. Newlin Scholars conduct research and are exposed to the skills needed to succeed in college. College fairs or special events are incorporated into the program along with dynamic speakers from the academic community.

No. The workshops and materials are fully funded by the Newlin Foundation.

Parents will be invited to 2-3 workshops that are focused on financial aid and tips to help prepare their child for college life and support their child’s academic journey.

The Newlin Foundation assist students well beyond high school graduation. The program includes one year while a student is a high school senior and four consecutive years during college (usually 8 college semesters) so long as the Scholar is meeting all program requirements. The goal is for the Newlin Scholar to graduate with a college diploma.

All Newlin Scholars must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form. In addition, all Newlin Scholars receive instruction on college resources including grants, loans and other scholarships. They should apply for all resources available to them. Once they have exhausted all available resources, the Newlin Foundation reviews their financial status and will consider the Scholar for a Newlin Foundation scholarship.

Newlin scholarships are made available on an as-needed basis to help pay for tuition and on-campus housing. In order to be considered for Newlin Foundation scholarship funds, the Scholar must be meeting all Newlin Scholar Program requirements.

Newlin Foundation scholarships are awarded to scholars attending a school within the Pennsylvania System of Higher Education or a Pennsylvania state-affiliated school.

Each semester, all grants, financial aid packages and loans available to the Scholar are used to determine what tuition and on-campus housing costs are eligible for Newlin Foundation scholarship.

The Newlin Foundation does not pay for:

  • out-of-state school tuition
  • books, equipment or fees
  • remedial programs or repeat courses

If scholars work hard to identify and apply for college aid resources, most basic costs are likely to be covered. A Newlin Scholar is given every opportunity to be sure that finances are not a barrier that keeps them from completing their college education.

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