Frequently Asked Questions

When do Newlin Scholars attend College Prep Workshops and Work Sessions?

Weekly mandatory workshops begin in August and go through the Newlin Scholars’ senior year of high school.  Evening sessions are generally between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and Saturday workshops may be scheduled once or twice a month from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
For Newlin Scholars already attending college, activities and work sessions are scheduled during spring, winter/holiday breaks when Scholars are usually home from college.

Where are workshops held?

Workshops are usually held at the first floor office at the Benner Building at 545 E. Lincoln Highway, Coatesville, PA  19320.  Special events including college fairs are held at other sites.  Transportation is the sole responsibility of the Newlin Scholar.

What type of work is done in the workshops?

Informational sessions are held on topics that are relevant to Newlin Scholars preparing to go to college,  selecting a college or university, applying for school and securing financial assistance.  Newlin Scholars conduct research and are exposed to the skills needed to succeed in college.   College fairs or special events are incorporated into the program along with dynamic speakers from the academic community.

Who teaches the College Prep Workshops?

The workshops are facilitated by a college aid administrator who is an experienced practitioner in higher education and has significant experience with college administration and SAT Preparatory programs.

Is there a cost to attend College Prep Workshops and will I need to buy any books?

No.   The workshops and materials are fully funded by the Newlin Foundation.

Will my parents have the opportunity to attend a workshop?

Parents will be invited to 2 – 3 workshops that are focused on financial aid and tips to help prepare their son or daughter for college life and support their child’s academic journey.

What happens after I graduate high school?

The Newlin Foundation assist students well beyond high school graduation.  The program includes one year while a high school senior and four consecutive years of college (usually 8 college semesters) so long as the Scholar is meeting all program requirements.  The goal is for the Newlin Scholar to graduate with a college diploma.

Does the Newlin Foundation pay for my college education?

All Newlin Scholars receive instruction on college resources including grants, loans and other scholarships.  They apply for all resources available to them.  Once they have exhausted all available resources, the Newlin Foundation reviews their financial status and will consider the Scholar for a Newlin Foundation scholarship.

Newlin scholarships are made available on an as needed basis to help pay for tuition and on-campus housing.  In order to be considered for Newlin Foundation scholarship funds, the Scholar must be meeting all Newlin Scholar Program requirements.
Effective the 2017-18 school year, Newlin will not pay for out of state schools.  Newlin Foundation scholarships are awarded to scholars attending a school within the Pennsylvania System of Higher Education or a Pennsylvania State affiliated school—see Approved Colleges and Universities.

Each semester, all grants, financial aid packages and loans available to the Scholar are used to determine what tuition and on campus housing costs are eligible for Newlin Foundation scholarship.

The Newlin Foundation does not pay for books, equipment or fees.  The Newlin Foundation does not pay for remedial programs or repeat courses.

If scholars work hard to identify and apply for college aid resources, most basic costs are likely to be covered.  A Newlin Scholar is given every opportunity to be sure that finances are not a barrier that keeps them from completing their college education.