Foreign Studies & Offsite Programs

Many Universities encourage study abroad or at other sites.  The Newlin Foundation recognizes the value of these diverse learning opportunities, but Newlin reserves the right to withhold Newlin Program services and financial assistance unless approval is granted prior to enrollment into a special program.

In order to secure approval to participate in a foreign study or off site program, the Newlin Scholar must have completed at least one year of college studies, be in good standing and in compliance with   all Newlin Program requirements.  All requests for foreign study or off site programs will be considered on a case by case basis.  To make a request, an informational packet about the program must be provided to Newlin Staff, and a presentation made to the Newlin Board.

If approved, the Scholar is eligible for Newlin funds toward basic tuition and housing, as usual. Financial assistance will be based on the amount that would apply if the Scholar remained in the original college program and or campus site. Newlin support services continue, as well.  Off campus Programs may expose students to additional costs that will not be paid by the Newlin Foundation including application fees/deposits, travel, meals or other expenses generally woven into traditional college payment plans.

If the program is not approved, the Newlin Scholar can continue his/her current college program.  If the program is not approved and the Newlin Scholar chooses to enroll regardless, this necessitates a voluntary withdrawal from the Newlin Program.  All Newlin Scholars that no longer participate can make a requests for re-enrollment at a later date.   Requests of this nature will be considered on a case by case basis.

The Foundation trustees, in consultation with the founding donors, review program outcomes and seek ways to improve the Newlin Foundation Program.  If you would like further information about the Newlin Foundation, you may make inquiries at