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The Newlin Foundation views our work as an investment in the future of our community.  All stakeholders including parents, students, teachers and future employers, will benefit if students who have the capacity and desire to further their education after high school are successful and become college graduates.

Many Newlin Scholars are first generation college bound.  The support they receive through our structured program increases their chance to be accepted into college and to succeed once in college.  Professional coaching and guidance involving the student and his or her family helps overcome socio-economic challenges that they may face.

A professional staff facilitates the Newlin workshops and provides ongoing coaching beginning the summer before the scholars’ senior year of high school through their high school senior year and continues through their college experience.  This five year commitment is augmented with financial assistance, as well.  The number one reason college students fail to complete college is “money”.   Other barriers are related to unsuccessful adjustments to college life and the lack of support.  The Newlin Program addresses all of these concerns and  goes well beyond most traditional scholarship or mentoring programs.

You may want to help.

We encourage you to join forces with us and share your talents and resources.  Professionals with specific expertise often share their academic and/or career experience with our scholars.  We also appreciate help with conducting interviews with applicants and/or their families.  And of course it takes financial resources to provide this extraordinary level of support.  In addition to the professional staff that is involved, financial support is granted to students in good standing that have exhausted financial resources but as is common, face a financial gap that jeopardizes their capacity to enter, remain and complete college.  The Newlin Foundation helps pay tuition and housing costs.

A strong Board is key to keeping the Newlin Foundation on track, as well.  We continually seek ways to improve our program services and reach as many students with potential as possible.  The ever changing needs of our youth is paramount to our work.
If you wish to help make a difference, please make us aware that you are available to donate your time, expertise, or talents to assist with the Newlin Foundation program.

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    28 West Market Street, West Chester, PA 19382.
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    visa_normalamex_normal discover_normal maestro_normal mastercard_normalThank you in advance for your contribution. Every scholar that completes college has an increased capacity to make our community and yes, our world, a better place.