Preparatory Workshops

During Your Junior Year


April & May

  • Download and print out a Newlin Scholar application form.
  • Talk to one of your classroom teachers in a core academic subject (English, History, Science, Mathor Foreign Language) about recommending you for the Newlin Foundation.
  • Talk to your Guidance Counselor about recommending you for the Newlin Foundation and providing you with an official copy of your up-to-date transcript.
  • Submit your Newlin Scholar application form to the Newlin Foundation by May of your junior year.


  • Prospective Scholars will be interviewed by members of the Newlin Foundation Advisory Committee
  • Students who are selected will be notified no later than June 30th.

July and August, Before Your Senior Year

  • Students who were selected after the interview process will attend two, mandatory College Admission Planning Workshops and one team building activity with Scholars from previous classes.


During Your Senior Year


September to May

  • You will attend College Prep workshops once a week for three hours, held at the Newlin Foundation. You and the Program Director will work on:
    • SAT Preparation.
    • Individualizing your college planning, beginning with the search process and extending through your college enrollment.
    • A step-by-step planning timeline to ensure you will meet all application deadlines and test requirements.
    • Preparation for the required college application essays.
    • Financial literacy and completing the financial aid process.
    • Addressing behaviors that foster student success, exploring careers and majors, and discussing the key components to achieve academically in college.


After Graduating from High School


June to August

  • You will attend an end of the year luncheon acknowledging your hard work throughout the year; and one Newlin team building activity.

September and Beyond

  • Once you’re enrolled in a college, the Newlin Foundation will conduct one-on-one follow-up sessions, as well as keep in contact with you by phone and email.

The Newlin Foundation Program does not guarantee acceptance into a designated college or university, nor does it guarantee a change in any test scores. The Newlin Foundation does not accept referral fees from a college or university.