Program Goals & Expectations

The goal of the Newlin Foundation is not only to help our scholars get accepted into college, but to graduate from college.  We follow each student along their four year journey, monitoring their progress through regular contact and acting as an advocate and resource to guide the student with reaching the goal of graduation.

Once scholars are in college, we expect them to take full responsibility for their commitment to the Newlin Foundation.  Scholars are responsible to keep in regular contact with the foundation, maintaining their minimum GPA and attend workshops during the winter and summer break.  Scholars are also responsible for submitting paperwork that is related to grades, tuition and financial information on time and in the proper format.  Scholars must respond to requests for additional documentation if necessary.

We understand college is a huge transition in a young person’s life.  As many as one in three students will not return for their sophomore year (US News & World Report).  It is for this reason that we feel communication and maintaining contact is so crucial and important in making it to graduation.  We encourage students to reach out and ask for help before an issue becomes too big to fix.  We hold our scholars accountable for their actions and commitment to the program and stand by our motto, “we will make exceptions for exceptional students.” 

  • Newlin scholars must maintain a 2.5 GPA (80%) or better throughout the 5 year program.
  • Each scholar will receive a phone call check-in schedule with specific appointment. These check-in phone calls will cover discussions of issues that potentially impact academic progress such as classroom progress, grades, finances, social issues, etc.
  • Scholars must submit mid-term grades and final grades at the noted due date.
  • Scholars must submit their financial aid package and tuition bill statement at the noted due date and in the proper format.  It is best to submit these documents as soon as received from the college.
  • Scholars are responsible to seek out scholarship opportunities throughout the 5 year program.
  • Scholars are required to attend one-on-one meetings at the end of each year to go over their individual progress and status.
  • Scholars are required to attend activities and workshops during their winter and summer breaks.

Admitted Scholar Requirements

  • Newlin scholars must maintain a 2.5 GPA (80%) or better throughout the 5 year program.
  • Parent/guardian must attend an introductory orientation, followed by a Financial Aid workshop in the winter and one college planning session in the spring.
  • Household income information must be provided to the Foundation.
  • Scholars are required to attend college prep workshops as assigned by the Program Director.
  • Attendance is mandatory to all sessions. Failure to attend can result in dismissal from the Newlin Scholar Program.