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Scholar Support


The Newlin Foundation views our work as an investment in the future of our community. All stakeholders including parents, students, teachers and future employers, will benefit if students who have the capacity and desire to further their education after high school are successful and become college graduates.

Many Newlin Scholars are first generation college bound. The support they receive through our structured program, called the Newlin Journey, increases their chances of being accepted into college and succeeding once in college. Professional coaching and guidance involving the student and his or her family helps overcome socio-economic challenges that they may face. The Newlin Foundation is pleased to partner with the Alliance for Health Equity for the Harry Lewis Jr. Scholarship and the Judy Spangler Scholarship.


A professional staff facilitates the Newlin Journey workshops and provides ongoing coaching beginning the summer before the scholars’ senior year of high school through their high school senior year and continues through their college experience. This five-year commitment is augmented with financial assistance, as well. The number one reason college students fail to complete college is finances. Other barriers are related to unsuccessful adjustments to college life and the lack of support. The Newlin Journey addresses all of these concerns and goes well beyond most traditional scholarship or mentoring programs.

All aspects of preparing for college admission, securing financial aid, managing educational costs, and ultimately adjusting to college life are covered in work sessions throughout the senior year of high school and throughout the four consecutive years in college. Special events are held at least twice a year, as well. Scholars and their families participate in special forums, informational sessions, and relevant events such as college fairs. Summer workshops begin immediately upon being accepted as a Newlin Scholar. Informational sessions are designed to help Scholars work toward enrolling and graduating with a four-year college degree.

Once students successfully enroll in college, they receive ongoing guidance to help with their transition from high school to college and in monitoring their academic progress. Each scholar continues to participate in summer programs and special activities during semester breaks.

Scholars Say...

“The amount of stress that I have had while preparing for the next step in my academic career has been drastically reduced with the help of Newlin. I
have gained so much knowledge on the process of applying for college and
practiced good skills like budgeting, or scholarship hunting while in Newlin.
The program makes you feel like part of a small family, there are wonderful
people in the program willing to help me whenever I have any questions,
anything college related or about life in general, but they also hold me
accountable. The opportunities that the Newlin Program has opened up for
my future is astonishing.”

– Jeremy Ramos, Newlin Scholar



Applications received by May 15th will be reviewed and prospective scholars will be interviewed by a committee made up of Newlin Foundation staff and board members along with community advisors.
Generally, five new students are accepted into the program and notified no later than June 30th. The new Scholars may also be invited to participate in the July Team Building Activity with those scholars that are already attending or enrolled in college.

Usually in June, a luncheon is held for those Newlin Scholars who are completing their senior year of high school and finished the senior year college prep workshops. This group of Newlin Scholars is preparing for their freshman year at college in the upcoming fall. Parents and guardians are invited to celebrate their sons and daughters high school graduation and acceptance into college.

July / August

During the summer months, the new Newlin Scholars and their families will be invited to two mandatory workshops.

September - May

For those scholars already in college, it is important to follow the designated schedule for keeping in contact with your assigned Newlin College Aid Administrator.

For those scholars who are seniors in high school, weekly college prep workshops are scheduled throughout the school year. The workshops are conducted by the Newlin staff. Additional speakers with relevant experience and skills are invited to facilitate special workshops, as well.
Various topics will be covered throughout the school year, including but not limited to:

  • Standardized test preparation including SATs
  • College search, application process, and writing college essays
  • College scholarships and financial aid, including Free Application for
  • Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Financial literacy
  • Building social capital on a college campus
  • Behaviors that foster student success/key components to academic success
  • Exploring careers and majors
  • Making the transition from high school to college

Parents are invited to workshops that are key to helping their sons and daughters make the transition to college life and manage college costs.

Additional coaching or one-on-one mentoring sessions may be held as needed.

Year-Round for Newlin Scholars Attending College

Newlin Scholars are required to keep in regular contact with their Newlin College Aid Administrator. Phone calls are the preferable method, though e-mails may be acceptable. It is important that you follow the designated schedule that will be provided to you to keep in contact with the Newlin College Aid Administrator. Highs and lows (what is going well and what is not) should be shared with your Newlin College Administrator. All experiences can be an indicator of how well you will do as a college student. Sharing experiences with your College Aid Administrator can help you manage the transition to college life, and be successful academically and socially. The Newlin College Aid Administrator is assigned as a coach and mentor throughout your college tenure.

The College Aid Administrator is the primary contact for managing the services provided by the Newlin Foundation including financial assistance. The Newlin Scholar is responsible for managing their college financial account and remaining in good standing academically and financially. Their college or university resources should be used for this purpose as well as the services available through the Newlin staff.

Late communications and documentation can delay payment of your bills and prevent your college from releasing your grades and reconciling accurate balances that are paid and/or due. Delays are likely to disrupt your college program and put Newlin Scholars in jeopardy of losing scholarships and financial assistance from the Newlin Foundation as well as other sources.

Colleges will restrict and/or block registration for upcoming classes and/or hold grades if payments are not timely. Waiting to submit grades or bills can further delay administrative decisions and financial aid payments. Newlin Scholars must assume responsibility for prompt submission of grades, financial aid packages, statements, and college bills. Final financial aid packages, scholarship awards, refunds and other adjustments made to your financial account must be reported and reconciled with the Newlin Foundation. It is paramount that Newlin Scholars communicate issues of concern or incidents that can impact their status as a student in good standing. If Newlin Scholars are put on academic probationary status or lose their financial aid/scholarships, this must be reported promptly to the Newlin College Aid Administrator. Keep in mind that Newlin Foundation does not pay for repeat/remedial courses or catch up programs.

Regular, timely and appropriate communications are expected by various departments at the college, as well. Newlin Scholars must keep abreast of their status as a student and keep the Newlin College Aid Administrator informed.

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