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The Newlin Foundation was created in 2010 by a local businessman and his wife.  The Foundation’s mission is to aid students in the Coatesville Area School District who have the desire to acquire a college education but face systemic barriers to find the right college program, to navigate the application process and to access financial aid.  Each year, an average of five high school students are admitted into the Newlin Program.   Along with their parents, they receive assistance with choosing a suitable college or university within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.  Some students may prefer a Community College experience as a practical transition from high school to college, and as a first step toward a four-year college degree.

All aspects of preparing for college admission, securing financial aid, managing educational costs, and ultimately adjusting to college life are covered in work sessions throughout the senior year of high school and throughout the four consecutive years in college.  Special events are held at least twice a year, as well.  Scholars and their families participate in special forums, informational sessions, and relevant events such as college fairs.  Summer workshops begin immediately upon being accepted as a Newlin Scholar. Informational sessions are designed to help Scholars work toward enrolling and graduating with a four-year college degree.

Once students successfully enroll in college, they receive ongoing guidance to help with their transition from high school to college and in monitoring their academic progress.  Each scholar continues to participate in summer programs and special activities during semester breaks.

The Newlin Foundation may also offer financial assistance towards tuition and housing costs.  Scholars are guided through the process of identifying and securing all available financial resources. Based on individual need and once all other resources are exhausted, Newlin funds may be awarded.  Throughout their four-year college program, Newlin Scholars must be in compliance with Newlin Program requirements in order to receive financial assistance toward tuition and housing costs.

The Foundation trustees, in consultation with the founding donors, review program outcomes and seek ways to improve the Newlin Foundation Program.  If you would like further information about the Newlin Foundation, you may send inquiries to NewlinFoundation@gmail.com or view our Newlin Foundation Brochure.