Eligibility & How to Apply

Application Requirements:

  • Scholar must live within the Coatesville School District
  • Must provide a recommendation from one classroom teacher
  • Student and Parent/Caregiver must meet with and complete an interview conducted by the Newlin Foundation Advisory committee
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 80% (ongoing requirement)
  • Write a 250 word essay explaining your long term personal goals after high school graduation (must accompany the application)
  • Must submit to the Newlin Foundation by May 15th; a completed Newlin Application Form, with your essay and an up-to-date copy of official transcript from your high school guidance counselor
  • Must agree to apply to schools of higher learning within the PA State System of Higher Education

Note that there are 15 state owned colleges and universities with 4 branch campuses, and 4 state related colleges and universities. The Newlin Foundation targets State Colleges and Universities or State affiliated schools in order to maximize resources and serve as many students as possible. Community College is an option, as well and may be preferred by some students as a practical transition from high school to college. This does not preclude applying to other Colleges or Universities, but it is unlikely that the Newlin Foundation will provide financial assistance for schools outside of the PA State network.


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